How to Eat a Boston Kreme Donut in Boston

I’ve been eating Boston Kreme donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts since I was a young child. For many years, the only access I had to a Dunkin’ Donuts was when I traveled to the East Coast. But I always made sure to take advantage of the access I had to the breakfast item/treat.

Carltonaut's Travel Tips Eat Boston Kreme Donut at Boston Tea Party Site

But one challenge with a Boston Kreme donut is the potential for the Kreme to spill out of the donut and make a mess.

I recently spoke with a man from Massachusetts who no longer eats Boston Kreme donuts because of the mess. That makes me sad. So I decided to put together a quick video and post with tips on how to eat a Boston Kreme. And what better place to do it than at the site of the Boston Tea Party in Boston Harbor.

Looking for other historic sites around Boston? Visit the Freedom Trail.

Video Tutorial on Eating a Boston Kreme Donut

How to Control the Kreme

Here are three ways to help avoid a mess the next time you eat a Boston Kreme donut.

  1. Identify the spot where the Kreme was injected into the donut – then start eating your donut from that spot. If you start eating your donut at the wrong spot, the pressure of consumption will push the Kreme out the injection site and leave a mess in its wake.
  2. Hold the donut in such a way that you keep the palm of your hand under the donut to catch any rogue Kreme. You can see how this is done in the video above.
  3. Keep the donut vertical, allowing gravity to help keep the Kreme where it should be.
  4. The most important tip – according to my wife – is to ALWAYS chew with your mouth closed.

If you’ve never had a Boston Kreme from Dunkin’ Donuts, I highly recommend it. So if your travel takes you to the east coast, track down a Dunkin’ Donuts and savor the taste of a Boston Kreme.


How to Eat a Boston Kreme Donut in Boston

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